GSPIA Perspectives

Perspectives is GSPIA's award-winning magazine that features GSPIA faculty, students and alumni and their research, collaboration, internships and action.  Perspectives is published annually and available online in digital form.

Perspectives has twice been recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators, Pittsburgh Chapter with a Golden Triangle Award of Honor (2010, 2015).

2018 GSPIA Perspectives: Preparing Leaders Local to Global

The cover stories of the 2018 issue of GSPIA Perspectives focus on GSPIA’s recent push to improve its leadership programs. The stories within detail the benefit and successes that have resulted from those leadership programs.

2017 GSPIA Perspectives: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The cover stories of the 2017 issue of GSPIA Perspectives focus on promoting diversity and inclusion. What made this important theme especially compelling now is that the 2016-2017 academic year was Pitt’s official Year of Diversity, and within GSPIA an unprecedented number of events were organized to address many facets of the issue. 

2016 GSPIA Perspectives: International Development

The 2016 issue of GSPIA Perspectives features the Master of International Development (MID) program. Dean Keeler notes the training of specialists in international development has been a central component of GSPIA, since its founding in 1958. The MID program is one of three two-year master’s degrees at GSPIA. The program emphasizes the intellectual rigor and practical skills needed by organizations working in development, preparing students to make a difference locally, nationally and globally. This issue of Perspectives captures the “ethos” of alumni working in the field and documents some of their journeys. 

2015 GSPIA Perspectives: Promoting City Management and Metropolitan Studies

The 2015 edition of GSPIA Perspectives focuses on GSPIA's strength in local leadership and features the alumni serving in the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding boroughs.

GSPIA Perspectives 2014: Energy & Environment

The 2014 edition of GSPIA Perspectives features the School's new Energy & Environment major (E&E) while exploring the politics and policies of the worldwide energy industry. The magazine also chronicles the Conference on Environment and Energy: Comparison of EU and U.S. Policies, as well as the professional accomplishments of both alumni and students.

GSPIA Perspectives 2013: Security and Intelligence Studies

The 2013 edition of GSPIA Perspectives highlights one of GSPIA's most popular majors, Security and Intelligence Studies. As the articles on the program, alumni, faculty and students make clear, SIS and the Ridgway Center for International Security Studies continue to flourish.

GSPIA Perspectives 2012: Nonprofit Leadership

The 2012 Spring edition of GSPIA Perspectives highlights Nonprofit Leadership. In recent decades Nonprofit Leadership has become an important component to a GSPIA education. Through stories, pictures, and videos, this edition of GSPIA Perspectives showcases the service driven nonprofit work that GSPIA alumni are doing all over the world.

GSPIA Perspectives 2011: Federal Service

The 2011 Spring edition of GSPIA Perspectives highlights the School's long-standing commitment to promoting federal service. From founding Dean Donald Stone to today's alumni and students, Perspectives tells, through stories and photographs, the GSPIA community's commitment to building a better world.

GSPIA Perspectives 2010: Global GSPIA and the New China Connection

In this edition of GSPIA Perspectives, the School highlights its increasing ties between China, as well as the international partnerships that have been created in order to enhance student opportunities. The magazine chronicles the events of the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit, lectures and conferences held throughout the year.

GSPIA Perspectives 2009

In the inaugural edition of GSPIA Perspectives, the School celebrates its 50th anniversary, held its first class via the Washington Center and announced the School’s first Board of Visitors chaired by former Pennsylvania Governor and U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh. This issue also highlights the School’s newest programs, and features alumni and student accomplishments.

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