The Goldilocks of gender data: Searching for “just right” on women in public institutions

The United Nations, in establishing its 2016 Sustainable Development Goals, considered inclusive governance a core component of peaceful and just societies, and called for more monitoring of women’s participation in public institutions.  GSPIA’s own Dr. Müge Finkel, Assistant Professor of International Development and Dr. Melanie Hughes, an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh, answered the call to lead an interdisciplinary group of graduate students in the search for data.  

The purpose of this research project is to assist the UNDP in its efforts not only to collect data on gender equality in public administration globally but also to make sure that data is used in the service of designing policies that foster equal opportunities for women within and across sectors of civil service.   

Although working with raw data has not been free of setbacks, the culminating experience of presenting findings at the UN headquarters to a diverse group of development experts has demonstrated how much the working group has to contribute to this timely debate on gender equality in public life. Dr. Finkel and Dr. Hughes address these issues and more in their most recent blog.  Read more.


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