Johnson Institute releases Annual Report

The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership released its annual report for the 2016-2017 academic year. Dr. Kevin Kearns, a GSPIA professor and director of the institute, highlighted the new and ongoing programs that make the Johnson Institute such a valuable asset to Pitt, the Pittsburgh community, and the world beyond. This year, the institute received the largest single foundation grant in its history from the Richard King Mellon Foundation in recognition of its community outreach initiatives such as the Leadership Portfolio Program and the Nonprofit Clinic. Both of these programs focus on community growth through leadership and development. Alec Karakatsanis won the Emerging Leader Award for his work as the founder of the Civil Rights Corps, which seeks to tackle problems related to non-violent crime and the money bail system. Dr. Jim Withers won the Exemplary Leadership Award. He is the founder of Operation Safety Net, a project he started to provide medical services for the homeless in the Pittsburgh area.

Dr. Kearns closed the report by acknowledging that although there is much to celebrate from the institute’s efforts this year, he would be remiss if he did not point out his dismay with “the tone and content of the political rhetoric coming out of Washington,” and the “absence of civility, thoughtfulness, and attention to factual data in public discourse.” Dr. Kearns reminds us that the burden of democracy is on each and every person, and that together, we must “chart a responsible and inclusive path forward.” To that end, the Johnson Institute is planning round table discussions on pressing issues to share diverse perspectives and factual information as common ground to chart a course forward to solutions. 

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