Faculty Directory

Core Faculty

Lisa S. Alfredson (Ph.D. London School of Economics), Assistant Professor

Ariel Armony (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Professor

Carolyn Ban (Ph.D. Stanford University), Professor Emerita

Louise Comfort (Ph.D. Yale University), Professor

Luke Condra (Ph.D. Stanford University), Assistant Professor

Sabina E. Deitrick (Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley), Associate Professor

George W. Dougherty (Ph.D. University of Georgia), Assistant Professor

William N. Dunn (Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University), Professor

Muge Kokten Finkel (Ph.D. University of Virginia), Assistant Professor

Shanti Gamper-Rabindran (Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Associate Professor

Marcela Gonzalez Rivas (Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Assistant Professor

Ryan Grauer (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor

Kevin Kearns (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Professor

John T.S. Keeler (Ph.D. Harvard University), Dean and Professor

Michael Kenney (Ph.D. University of Florida), Associate Professor

Michael Lewin (Ph.D John Hopkins University), Lecturer

Sera Linardi (Ph.D. California Institute of Technology), Assistant Professor

Jerome B. McKinney (Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia), Professor

John Mendeloff (Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley), Professor

David Y. Miller (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Professor

Kevin M. Morrison (Ph.D. Duke University), Assistant Professor

Ilia Murtazashvili (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison), Assistant Professor

Jennifer B. Murtazashvili (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison), Assistant Professor

Lisa Nelson (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison), Associate Professor

Paul J. Nelson (PhD, University of Wisconsin), Associate Dean

Louis A. Picard (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison), Professor

Michael Poznansky (Ph.D., University of Virginia), Assistant Professor

Taylor Seybolt (Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Associate Professor

Martin Staniland (Ph.D. University of Cambridge), Professor

Nuno Themudo (Ph.D. London School of Economics), Associate Professor

Jeremy Weber (PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison), Assistant Professor

Lee S. Weinberg (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Associate Professor

Meredith Wilf (Ph.D., Princeton University), Assistant Professor

Phil Williams (Ph.D. University of Southampton), Wesley W. Posvar Chair for International Security Studies

Part-Time and Visiting Faculty

Kathleen Buechel (M.A. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard), Senior Lecturer

Dennis M. Gormley (M.A. University of Connecticut), Senior Lecturer

Frank Hofmann (Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies), Visiting Senior Lecturer

Pitt Faculty with Joint Appointments in GSPIA

Daniel Berkowitz (Ph.D. Columbia University), Department of Economics

Frank Giarratani (Ph.D. West Virginia University), Department of Economics

Susan Hansen (Ph.D. Stanford University), Department of Political Science

Robert Hayden (Ph.D. University of New York, Buffalo), Department of Anthropology

Peter Karsten (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison), Department of History

Carrie Leana (Ph.D. University of Houston), Katz Graduate School of Business

Barry Mitnick (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania), Katz Graduate School of Business

Scott Morgenstern (Ph.D. University of California, San Diego), Department of Political Science

Audrey J. Murrell (Ph.D. University of Delaware), Katz Graduate School of Business

B. Guy Peters (Ph.D. Michigan State University), Joint Appointee and Maurice Falk Professor of American Government

M. Najeeb Shafiq (Ph.D. Columbia University), School of Education

Vijai Singh (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin), Department of Sociology

Martin Weiss (Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University), School of Information Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

Wayne L. Babish (M.S. LaRoche College), Former Police Chief and Allegheny County Chief Investigator

Richard G. Bovovich (M.S. Robert Morris University), 30 years experience as a Project Manager and Contracts Administration

Dave Coplan (M.P.A. University of Pittsburgh), Executive Director of the Human Services Center and Director of the Mon Valley Providers Council

Albert De Amicis (M.P.P.M. University of Pittsburgh), Retired, Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections

Dennis J. DeSantis (M.S. University of Pittsburgh), Adjunct Professor

Fatma El-Hamidi (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Adjunct Professor

B. Jean Ferketish (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Adjunct Professor

Michael L. Hummel (Ph.D. Columbia University), Retired, Military Officer/Special Operations and Law Enforcement

Frank J. Kerber (M.S. Georgetown University), Adjunct Professor

Greg Kerpchar (M.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Former Law Enforcement Officer, Attorney General Bureau of Investigation

David M. Korman (J.D. Duquesne University), Adjunct Professor

Nicholas C. Laudato (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Former University Administrator and IT Consultant

An Lewis (M.S. Carnegie Mellon University), Adjunct Faculty

Forrest E. Morgan (Ph.D. University of Maryland), Senior Political Scientist, RAND Corporation

Charles Skinner (Ph.D. Harvard University), Retired, State Department Official who worked for 30 years in key foreign leadership roles

Martha Ann Terry (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh), Adjunct Professor

James W. Turner (M.U.R.P. University of Pittsburgh), Director, Partnership for School District Improvement

William T. Jr. Valenta (M.B.A. University of Pittsburgh), Assistant Dean, MBA Programs, Katz Graduate School of Business

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
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