Michael Lewin

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Michael Lewin is a former Senior Economist at the World Bank.  He has worked on all the regions in the Bank and for several years was the team leader for the development and dissemination of World Bank's Revised Minimum Standard Model - Extended (RMSM-X).  In this capacity he ran the Bank's training program in macroeconomic modeling for several years and contributed to the macroeconomic analysis and modeling for many countries.  He has also worked and written on the economic problems of mineral exporting developing countries and was one of the founders of the thematic group on Managing Volatility.  His most recent assignments for the Word Bank (as a consultant) have been on the management and modeling of oil and mineral revenues (Botswana, Sudan, Qatar) and on technical assistance with macroeconomic analysis and modeling in the Middle East North Africa Region.  Before joining the World Bank, Michael taught economics at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and was recently Visiting Scholar at Middlebury College for several years. 

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