B. Jean


B. Jean Ferketish

Adjunct Professor
159 Cathedral of Learning


  • Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, School of Education
  • MBA, University of Pittsburgh, Katz Business School
  • BA, Duquesne University


B. Jean Ferketish serves as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Assistant Chancellor for the University of Pittsburgh.  She is an elected officer of the University and directs the office that provides professional support to the Chairman of the Board, the 84 members of the Board and its 15 standing committees.  She also leads a variety of projects requiring the ability to build consensus across constituency groups, affect the image of the University and provide advice on sensitive and complex situations.

In 1995, Jean joined the University and introduced the first organization development methods to the University.  In this role, she directed more than 50 active organization development projects within University units.  She trained others to facilitate the methods and customized approaches to serve diverse populations and goals in 44 Responsibility Centers.

Before joining Pitt, Jean was a consultant for Development Dimensions International (DDI), a Pittsburgh-based human resources firm.  While at DDI, Jean implemented major organization culture change strategies.  She is a recipient of the company’s Presidential Award and co-authored the book, Organization Change that Works:  How to Merge Culture and Business Strategies for Maximum Results.  Jean spent the first 10 years of her career at Westinghouse where she directed efforts in organizational development, total quality management training and internal communications.


  • PIA 2131-1160,  Graduate School of Public & International Affairs

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
3601 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260