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Major in Human Security

Because the globalization process has made the world seem exponentially smaller, threats from tsunamis, earthquakes, disease and starvation are arriving faster and in a more dramatic fashion than ever before. One of the most innovative, forward-thinking disciplines in international affairs today, the human security major covers a wide swath of issues critical to the safety of people worldwide.

GSPIA’s program, one of the first of its kind in the United States, emphasizes the development of peacekeeping and peace-building skills. Students study threats to individuals from non-governmental, nonmilitary sources. Examples of threats include civil wars, international migration and crime, global climate changes and natural disasters. We teach students to focus on the human condition as a planet, resulting in a new generation of leaders able to guide our global community through some of the most perilous times it has ever experienced.

Plan of Study

Students who enroll at GSPIA in fall 2018 or later will follow this plan of study. 

Download the Plan of Study (PDF document) for the Major in Human Security

Students who first enrolled at GSPIA prior to fall 2018 will follow this plan of study.

Download the Plan of Study (PDF document) for the Major in Human Security

Major Courses

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