Program Faculty Award Recipients

These awards are given to the students deemed best in the graduating class for each degree program: MID, MPA, MPIA, MPPM and Ph.D. Near the end of February, Student Services provides the Program Faculty Awards Committees with a list of finalists (the top 10% of the eligible students in each program rank-ordered by cumulative GPA) and with “statements of service” submitted by the finalists; Student Services requests via email on January 15 that all finalists submit a brief statement of their service to GSPIA through leadership in student organizations, support for activities of the School, community engagement and/or research. Each Program Faculty Awards Committee selects from among the finalists the Program Faculty Award winner—the student deemed the best overall as determined by both academic achievement and service to GSPIA as described above. Each committee also designates a runner-up; the runner-up wins the Program Faculty Award if the top-ranked student within that degree program is selected to receive the Dean’s Award.

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