Internship Information

A successful internship is one of the first steps to a successful career. Prior to graduation, all MID, MPA, and MPIA students must complete a 300 hour internship at an approved site.

Review our Internship Policy for information on the internship approval and registration process.

Students with at least 3 years of professional work experience related to their fields of study may apply for an internship waiver. Please review the Internship Policy for more information.

Where can you do your internship? The possibilities are endless! Click on the links below for lists of internship sites from the last three years:

Internship Sites (2017)
Internship Sites (2016)
Internship Sites (2015)
Internship Sites (2014)
Internship Sites (2013)

See recent internship sites and student contact information here! (Current students only)

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