GSPIA Announces Double Degree Program with University of Geneva


A new partnership with the University of Geneva, Switzerland, will allow students to earn an international MBA in addition to their GSPIA degree. Students will have the opportunity to gain an IOMBA—a joint International Organizations MBA and Master in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) or Master in International Development (MID) from GSPIA. The 28-month plan includes one year of study at GSPIA, a second year of study in Geneva and a final semester at GSPIA.

Geneva, home to some of the world’s leading international organizations, is an ideal location to gain experience through internships and jobs with prominent IOs and NGOs.
The U.N. Development Program, World Trade Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and World Health Organization are located in Geneva.

Students seeking more information should contact Professor Carolyn Ban at, or visit the program website through the University of Geneva.


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