Tuition and Fees

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The chart below shows the flat-rate tuition for full-time on-campus students who are carrying a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 15 credits during the fall and spring terms. The costs below do not include living expenses such as housing, food, medical insurance, books, supplies, and household items.

Academic Year 2019–2020

Pennsylvania resident


Tuition (total per year, including both fall and spring terms)



Fees (total per year, including both fall and spring terms)


Wellness fee



Graduate student activity fee



Security and transportation fee



Computing and network services fee








Part-Time Students: Students who are registered for fewer than nine credits per term pay tuition at a rate of $947 per credit (PA resident) or $1,630 per credit (non-resident). Part-time students also pay reduced fees totaling $295 per term.

All students enrolled in classes during the summer term will be billed separately at the part-time rate, regardless of how many credits they take.

Online Students: Students enrolled in the online MPPM program pay the in-state tuition rate, regardless of residency. Online students pay a $100 computing and network services fee per term, but do not pay the other fees shown above. To be classified as an online student for billing purposes, students must apply to and be admitted to the online MPPM program; on-campus students who choose to enroll in one or more online courses will still pay the regular on-campus tuition and fees.

Dual Degree Students: Dual degree students may have a different tuition rate. Contact your enrollment counselor for more information. 

The above information is subject to change.