Academics / Concentrations

Policy Research and Analysis

Use data to drive policy forward.

Gain the quantitative, economic, political, and organizational skills to analyze and contribute to policy in the public and private sectors.

This concentration is only available for students enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program.

Areas of Focus

  • Quantitative methods and applied economics
  • Homeland security and crisis response
  • Impact evaluation and program monitoring
  • Social policy and inequity
  • Environmental, energy, and health policy
  • Global public policy and process

Major Courses and Plans of Study

With the policy research and analysis concentration, you will choose from a range of core courses tailored to you interests as well as taking a set of required degree courses.  A set of required degree courses are outlined in the MPA plan of study for this concentration.

Faculty Experts

Work with faculty whose academic backgrounds, fieldwork, and research are at the nexus of environmental policy and practice.

Jeremy Weber

Jeremy Weber
Associate Professor

Weber’s research delves into the governance of oil and gas extraction, economic sustainability, and agricultural policy.

Sera Lindardi

Sera Lindardi
Associate Professor

Linardi collaborates with social service providers and technology firms through field and laboratory experiments to understand their organizational challenges and how to solve them.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones
PhD Program Director; Associate Professor

As an Applied Microeconomist, Jones' research focuses in the fields of public economics, labor economics, and political economy. Recently focusing on the economics of gender and race, he studies how diversity impacts certain economic, political, and policy outcomes.