Urban Affairs & Planning, MID

Urban Affairs and Planning takes a city-focused perspective on international development. More than half of the world’s people now live in urban areas, raising important questions about how governments should meet the public’s needs for transportation, health and sanitation, education, and other essential services.

As the developing world urbanizes, booming cities like Shanghai, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Johannesburg face critical challenges, including poverty, homelessness, and pollution. The major prepares students to confront those problems on an international scale, while developing valuable skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), regional economic planning, and sustainable development management. Students take advantage of GSPIA’s highly regarded Center for Metropolitan Studies, participating in cutting-edge research alongside faculty experts.

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GSPIA Core Classes (12 credits)

    Quantitative Methods
    Public Policy Analysis
    Capstone Seminar
Internship Requirement: All students must complete an approved internship of at least 300 hours while enrolled at GSPIA. The internship must be approved by the student’s career advisor in advance. Students with at least three years of relevant full‐time work experience may petition their career advisor for a waiver of this requirement during their first semester.

MID Degree Core (6 credits)

    Development Policy & Administration
    Economics of Development

UAP Major Courses (12 credits)

    City & Region Theory & Practice
    GIS for Public Policy
    Planning/Analysis for Sustainable Regions
PIA 2--- UAP Major Course

Free Electives/Minor Courses (18 credits)

PIA 2--- Elective/minor course
PIA 2--- Elective/minor course
PIA 2--- Elective/minor course
PIA 2--- Elective
PIA 2--- Elective
PIA 2--- Elective