Governance & International Public Management Concentration

Governance and International Public Management provides a comparative perspective on international development, focusing on the ways in which public and nonprofit organizations must adapt to meet the different cultural, political, and economic circumstances of the communities they serve.

It explores how public agencies around the globe, faced with similar problems like poverty, illiteracy, and inequality, have addressed those issues differently in different countries. Students confront the challenges of implementing complex policies in a global, multicultural context. This major focuses on developing the management and analytical skills necessary to take leadership roles in the multilateral sector, governments abroad, or any organization that delivers services internationally. Graduates are well-prepared to pursue careers at the United Nations, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and similar organizations.

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GSPIA Core Classes (12 credits)

    Quantitative Methods
    Public Policy Analysis
    Capstone Seminar
Internship Requirement: All students must complete an approved internship of at least 300 hours while enrolled at GSPIA. The internship must be approved by the student’s career advisor in advance. Students with at least three years of relevant full‐time work experience may petition their career advisor for a waiver of this requirement during their first semester.

MPA Degree Core (9 credits)

    Administration of Public Affairs
    Public Program Evaluation
    Financial Management

GIPM Major Courses (12 credits)

One of the following five courses:
    Markets & States
    Comparative Governance
    Governance, Local Govt. & Civil Society
    Political Economy Analysis for Global Affairs
    Managing Organizations in Development
PIA 2--- GIPM Major Course
PIA 2--- GIPM Major Course
PIA 2--- GIPM Major Course

Free Electives/Minor Courses (15 credits)

PIA 2--- Elective/minor course
PIA 2--- Elective/minor course
PIA 2--- Elective/minor course
PIA 2--- Elective
PIA 2--- Elective