Public & Nonprofit Management, MPA

Public service is a discipline practiced at many levels: local, national and international often with ripple effects across each. Through grassroots contributions and global applications, GSPIA students pursuing a public & nonprofit management major acquire a deep understanding of the many contexts in which public and nonprofit organizations operate. Many look forward to the opportunity to leverage change in a mixed economy.

Our curriculum stresses responsible leadership and our students develop the skills to diagnose leadership challenges and opportunities from a variety of ethical and moral frameworks. Our interdisciplinary approach draws from a variety of fields such as philosophy, law, organizational design and political science. Our approach gives students the skills they need to meet the challenges of a world in which services increasingly span boundaries among business, government and nonprofit organizations.

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GSPIA Core Classes (12 credits)

    Quantitative Methods
    Public Policy Analysis
    Capstone Seminar
Internship Requirement: All students must complete an approved internship of at least 300 hours while enrolled at GSPIA. The internship must be approved by the student’s career advisor in advance. Students with at least three years of relevant full‐time work experience may petition their career advisor for a waiver of this requirement during their first semester.

MPA Degree Core (9 credits)

    Administration of Public Affairs
    Program Evaluation
    Financial Management

PNM Major Courses (12 credits)

    Managing People in the Public/NP Sector
    Strategic Mangement (pre-req. PIA 2020 or PIA 2170)
PIA 2--- PNM Major Course
PIA 2--- PNM Major Course

Free Electives/Minor Courses (15 credits)

PIA 2--- Elective/minor Course
PIA 2--- Elective/minor Course
PIA 2--- Elective/minor Course
PIA 2--- Elective
PIA 2--- Elective