Turn your passion into public service.
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Initiating Local and Global Change

For you, a meaningful career comes from the good that you can do for the world and the positive impact that you can have on the lives of others. At Pitt's Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, we understand your passion and invite you to join the more than 8,000 graduates who have honed their skills and launched rewarding careers in public service.

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Information Sessions

We host virtual and in-person information sessions throughout the year. Whether you attend on-campus or via Zoom, you can hear from our staff and gets answers to questions. 

Admissions Counseling & Questions
Admissions Counseling

Arrange a meeting with one of our helpful enrollment counselors or even connect with a current student to ask questions and hear a first-hand perspective on life at Pitt.

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On the Road

We participate in graduate school fairs where you can meet with a member of our community to get a personalized introduction to our flexible programs and impactful work.  

Insider Insights

Insider Insights is the best resource for prospective students. It's insider info in a way that makes sense. We'll unpack a lot of big words and complex areas of study and give you answers to questions you might be asking yourself. Questions like, "what kind of job will I get after I graduate?" and "what is the difference between an MPA and MPIA degree?" Check back often and throughout the application process. 

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what is Public Administration
Let's talk about public administration.

Learn more about what a degree in Public Administration means and, better yet, what you can do with it after you graduate. 

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What is it like studying International Affairs?
Why study Public & International Affairs?

Students studying public and international affairs gain a better understanding of the interconnected world in which we live.

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Tell me about international development
What's an International Development degree?

A degree in international development trains students to promote human dignity, well-being, and rights worldwide.

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people in hall walking in office
Public Sector vs. Private Sector

Explore the differences between these two realms to help both graduate and undergraduate students chart their career courses.

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the capital
Study in Pittsburgh or Washington, D.C.

Compare the vibrant city of Pittsburgh with the bustling capital, Washington, D.C. – both offer opportunities in the field of public and international affairs.