Alumni CEO of refugee soccer nonprofit featured on CBS

March 21, 2023

"Justin Forzano headshot"

Justin Forzano (MPPM ‘16) is the founder and CEO of Open Field, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that provides refugee and immigrant youth the chance to succeed through soccer. 

“We use soccer because it’s such a cultural force across the globe. It creates a sense of belonging,” said Forzano in his recent interview with KDKA’s Briana Smith. 

Through soccer, Open Field promotes leadership and life skills, health, education, equity, social cohesion—and fosters a sense of belonging and community. 

“We meet young people who just came to Pittsburgh who are as resettled refugees,” said Forzano. "They might not speak any English. But from day one, they feel like they’re part of the program … like Pittsburgh is home.” 

Watch the full interview here. 

Justin Forzano launched Open Field in Cameroon, Africa, in 2010 and strengthened it further while enrolled in GSPIA's mid-career master’s program. Upon graduating, he opened the Pittsburgh branch of Open Field, partnering with youth-serving organizations to create positive experiences for children on and off the pitch.