City of Pittsburgh declares May 16th CONNECT Day

May 16, 2022

As jointly proclaimed by the City of Pittsburgh Council and Office of the Mayor, Monday, May 16, 2022 is officially CONNECT Day. 

CONNECT staff members joined the Pittsburgh City Council in the chambers for the proclamation delivered by Deputy Mayor and CONNECT Officer of the Board Jake Pawlak and Councilperson Anthony Coghill. The Regular Meeting is available to watch here. (The proclamation begins around the three-minute mark.) 

The Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) brings together the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding municipalities to identify common public-policy challenges and advocates for collective change on behalf of Allegheny County’s urban core since 2009. 

CONNECT Executive Director Lydia Morin took the opportunity to thank the city for sending their staff and support to collaborate on CONNECT projects over the years, and looks forward to continuing to work with the City of Pittsburgh under new administration. 

“Our administration is very excited to be joining the CONNECT leadership,” said Pawlak. “I grew up in Mt. Oliver borough, a municipality surrounded by the city of Pittsburgh on all sides but is not formally part of the city and is joining CONNECT for the first time this year … point[ing] to the interconnectedness of our region, which crosses municipal borders.” Pawlak will be Mayor Gainey’s representative on the Executive Board, and their work together is already underway. 

Southwestern Pennsylvania has the country’s most local governments per capita, and CONNECT brings 30+ together to tackle current policy issues including transit-oriented development, vulnerability to climate change, utility coordination, recycling, lead safety, and volunteer fire services. 

The organization will host its 12th annual CONNECT legislative session and reception on May 19, 2022, where they will share updates on CONNECT’s policy work related to coordination between municipalities, partners, and other government organizations, and identify priorities for the coming year. 

"Mayor Gainey poses with CONNECT staff"
Mayor Gainey meets the CONNECT team at their post-proclamation meeting.