Inaugural Faculty Research Grant Program funds three faculty projects

August 5, 2022

GSPIA’s Inaugural Faculty Research Grant Program has announced the decision to fund three new faculty projects for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

These grants are intended to support faculty research that builds the school's research capacity, profile, and impact. The funded projects contribute to key priorities of increasing international research and collaborations, and funding pilot research and proposal developments.

Dr. Müge Finkel, Online Violence Against Women in Politics (VAW-P): An emerging threat to Human Security and Gender Equality 

This pilot project investigates Violence Against Women in Politics as a distinct form of gender-based violence that impedes women politicians’ and aspirants’ careers globally. This project will focus on two case studies investigating online VAW-P in upcoming parliamentary elections in Tunisia and Turkey. 

Dr. Ryan Grauer, Sharing the Foxhole: Why Militaries Fight Together  

Why do states (and non-state actors) sometimes deploy their forces to fight together side-by-side in battle? To understand the emergence of battlefield coalitions, this research will draw on case studies based on archival work in the UK. These cases will complement quantitative data already collected for a book project.   
Dr. Dan Jones, Diversity and Discrimination in a Group Work Setting (with María Recalde, University of Melbourne) 

Existing evidence on whether diversity leads to better group performance has been mixed – and sometimes negative. This project will utilize an experiment to examine the relationship between diversity in teams and performance. The researchers will examine whether some group members’ voices may be ignored, such that the benefits of diverse perspectives are missed.