MID student leads program tackling local government issues

June 14, 2022
"Lauren Lowen"
Image Source: LGA

Lauren Lowen (MID ‘23) was faced with an internal dilemma: “How could I expect to make a change on a federal level if my own community is struggling?”

Lowen’s GSPIA career advisors pointed her in the direction of Local Government Academy, a Pittsburgh nonprofit working to better the knowledge and quality of local officials.

This year, she’ll be leading the Academy’s 2022 Municipal Intern Program (MIP) as the Project Coordinator.

The Municipal Intern Program connects local governments with enthusiastic undergraduate or graduate students seeking real-world experience working at the grassroots level.

“I love knowing that I am working towards the betterment of the Southwest Pennsylvania region, as well as supporting our local government officials,” said Lowen. “The issues we face are complex, but after what I have learned so far, I am confident we will tackle those issues like the Steelers Defensive Line.”

Read Lowen’s full statement on the Local Government Academy website here.