New faculty spotlight: Huafang Li

September 9, 2022

"Dr Huafang Li headshot"Dr. Huafang Li, an Assistant Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management, pursues his current research inspired by the selflessness of an old college friend. 

“Back at Zhejiang University, China, where I got my bachelor's degree, I had a roommate, Xingang, who provided hot water for the whole dorm for four years at his own costs,” said Li. “Xingang inspired me to explore further why and how individuals voluntarily help others.” 

Li went on to receive his PhD from Rutgers University, and his dissertation, Information and Donations: A Study of Nonprofit Online Communication, won the Public Management Research Association’s Best Dissertation Award. 

“I am always interested in understanding why and how individuals contribute to the provision of public goods and services,” said Li.  

Li’s current research focuses on government and nonprofit communication and its influence on individual coproduction and donation decisions. This fall, Li is teaching PIA 2170 Management Non-profit Organizations. 

“I am super excited about working with faculty members across disciplines and students with diverse backgrounds,” said Li. “I am also excited about working with nonprofits in Pittsburgh and beyond to improve community engagement and resilience.” 

Fun fact: Outside of work, Li loves spending time with his family and playing with his two boys. 

Li shared, “I want all the students to know that I will try my best to be their teacher, co-worker, and friend while they travel on their journey at GSPIA.”