Ilia Murtazashvili


Interested in American political development and the challenges of public administration, Murtazashvili focuses his research on the relationship governance and legal titling in the developing world. Using the American frontier as an example, he investigates current challenges developing countries face, and how they can improve their prospects for economic development and political stability.

Recent Publications
  • Toward a Political Economy of the Commons: Simple Rules for Sustainability (with Meina Cai, Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili, and Raufhon Salahodjaev). New Thinking in Political Economy series. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, in press.
  • Land, the State, and War: Property Institutions and Political Order in Afghanistan (with Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili). Cambridge Studies in Economics, Choice and Society series. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2021.
  • The Origins and Consequences of Property Rights: Austrian, Public Choice, and Institutional Economics Perspectives(with Colin Harris, Meina Cai, and Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili). Elements in Austrian Economics series. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020.
  • “Pandemics, Economic Freedom, and Institutional Trade-offs” (with Vincent Geloso and Kelly Hyde). European Journal of Law and Economics, 2021.
  • “Can Permissionless Blockchains Avoid Governance and the Law?” (with Eric Alston, Wilson Law, and Martin Weiss). Notre Dame Journal of Emerging Technology 2(1) 2021, 1-32.
  • “The Chronic Uncertainty of American Indian Property Rights” (with Eric Alston, Adam Crepelle, and Wilson Law) Journal of Institutional Economics 17(3) 2021, 473-488.
  • “Spectrum Anarchy: Why Self-Governance of the Radio Spectrum Works Better than we Think” (with Pedro Bustamante, Marcela Gomez, and Martin Weiss). Journal of Institutional Economics 16(6) 2020, 863-882.
Research Interests
  • Political Economy
  • Property Rights
  • Commons Governance
  • Governance of Technology
  • Public Choice
  • Austrian Economics
  • Institutional Economics