Security and Intelligence Studies Required Coursework

GSPIA Core Coursework

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Microeconomics or Macroeconomics
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Capstone Seminar or Thesis
  • Internship
  • Professional Development

MPIA Degree Core Coursework

  • International Affairs
    Understand the major theoretical approaches and issues in international politics. You’ll gain insight into the basic concepts and schools of thought, and examine the major institutions and processes through which foreign policies are made and implemented.
  • International History
    Examine how history can inform policy-making by looking at key watersheds in international history—ones that continue to shape the world in which we live. You’ll study how events have unfolded in the past, and understand how that information may enable us to better deal with the complexity of what’s going on now.
  • Security and Intelligence Studies


Strategic Intelligence in International Security Studies
Become well-versed with the issues the United States confronts in adapting its intelligence community to address the security challenges of the twenty-first century. You’ll focus on phenomena such as terrorism, transnational organized crime, humanitarian disasters, environmental degradation, emerging and re-emerging diseases, and cyber-threats that are key items on the national security agenda.