Internship Funding

As a core component of the curricula in our degree programs, internships offer a chance to gain valuable professional experience, expand your networks, and explore prospective career paths.

We also recognize that these valuable experiences are often unpaid; therefore, GSPIA is pleased to offer internship grants for students who are completing unpaid internships. Through the support of GSPIA donor funds, we are able to offer grants of $2,000 per student for those completing their required internship in an unpaid position in an organization outside of the university within the U.S., and $4,000 per student for those completing their required internship in an unpaid position outside of the U.S.

Funds will be distributed at the discretion of the funding committee, and your application will be evaluated based on requirements. Funding is not guaranteed. All applications must be in compliance with university and GSPIA restrictions. We are unable to fund the following:

  • Internships affiliated with political campaigns and individual elected officials
  • Second/non-required internships
  • Internships within any department at GSPIA or the university

Application Instructions

  1. Submit an internship application through GSPIA Career Launch; this application is what is required to register for the internship and will be used for internship grant funding purposes.  
  1. You will be asked to verify if the internship is paid or unpaid, and if you wish to apply for funding; if you choose to apply, the information will be verified by your supervisor before we award funding.  
  1. Internship description: there is a space on the internship application for you to describe what you will be doing for your internship and why the experience is important to your career goals. Please provide a thorough explanation here, as this is what the committee will use to evaluate your application and match you up with possible donor funds, should you be awarded a grant.   
  1. The last step is acknowledging that should you receive funding, you are open to sharing your experience with GSPIA and writing a statement of thanks to be shared with the donor and possibly in campaigns related to the importance of giving to GSPIA.