City of Pittsburgh
Master of Public Administration

Promote progress in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Open Market
Master of Public & International Affairs

Start a career of influence in the international arena.

Master of International Development

Improve the human condition through a hands-on career in public service.

typing on laptop
Master of Public Policy & Management

Explore a career in public service through in-person or online study.

Stack of books
PhD in Public and International Affairs

Focus on interdisciplinary research and applied analysis of public policy issues.

Customize Your Degree

There are a few ways that GSPIA students can customize their degree:
1. 9-credit minor in Cybersecurity, Law, and Policy.
2. 9-credit minor in any area of concentration within a GSPIA degree program or a degree from elsewhere in the university.
3. Certificates in more than 10 focus areas utilized as an add-on option to be paired with your chosen GSPIA degree.