Student Cabinet

Enhance your professional development, network, and promote intellectually stimulating activities outside of the classroom.

The GSPIA Student Cabinet, elected each December for a one-year term that begins the following January, manages a substantial budget, organizes events, and meets regularly with the dean to provide feedback on the school’s functioning and discuss new initiatives. Through consultation with students and faculty, the cabinet is dedicated to serving the interests of the public and international affairs student body.

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2024 Student Cabinet Members

  • President: Branden Dutchess
  • Vice President: Amanda Zaner 
  • Director of Events: Bailee Hassen 
  • Director of Finance: Aakash Gupta
  • Director of Communication: Shelbi Henkle 
  • Director of Equity & Diversity: Deborah Sike
  • MPPM Representative: Lora Ann Bray
  • MPA Representative: Shanna Chang
  • MPIA Representative: Colin Bistarkey
  • MID Representative: Sobia Ayub
  • PhD Representative: Michaela Cushing-Daniels
  • International Student Representative: Melinda Go