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Student Initiatives

The Fund for Student Initiatives (FSI) is intended to encourage the formation of student-led organizations at GSPIA, and to promote professional development, leadership, intellectual stimulation, networking, and fun.

You may propose to allocate funds for guest speakers, film series, training workshops, luncheon debates, group recreational activities, or group trips to Washington for professional and academic development. Activities and events are expected to revolve around your group, but must be open to all interested GSPIA students. Ideal proposals will project a variety of disparate activities.

Proposed organizations must be broad enough in scope to ensure the involvement of a significant number of students. Other ideas for activities are welcome, but viable examples would include career-related clubs in areas such as:

Defense & Intelligence
Diplomacy & Foreign Service
International Organizations
Nonprofit Management

Public Policy Themes
Environmental Policy
Human Rights Advocacy
Globalization & Development

Middle East

The GSPIA Student Cabinet will review the applications, evaluate the proposed activities and budgets, and rank the proposed organizations. Final decisions on funding will be made jointly by the Student Cabinet and the dean.

If your organization was funded last year (all budgets expire December 15), it is eligible to be funded again, but you must reapply and go through the competitive process.