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Student Organizations & Initiatives

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs provides a variety of opportunities for professional development, leadership, and intellectual stimulation, through the planning and formation of student-led organizations. Explore options and influence your experience on the journey to graduation and beyond.

The Fund for Student Initiatives supports and encourages the formation of student-led organizations, and to promote professional development, leadership, intellectual stimulation, networking, and fun. 

Student Organizations
Student Cabinet
Student Cabinet

Thrive as a leader of the GSPIA student body as you evaluate, organize, and manage annual initiatives.

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)

Answer the call for change in this group for black, indigenous, people of color, and their allies.

Women in International Security
Women in International Security (WIIS)

Dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women in the field of international peace and security.

Student Initiatives

International Student Initiative

The International Student Initiative supports international students through a series of dedicated meetings to create a network of support, promote campus resources, and provide opportunities for intercultural exchange.

Continuing Conversations

Continuing Conversations is a student-led group open to GSPIA staff, faculty, and students. The group was founded to examine our implicit biases and to have meaningful conversations with those with different opinions.

International Movie Night Initiative

The International Movie Night Initiative provides a channel for cultural exchange through cinema. It holds screenings of films from around the world that depict life in the countries or regions they originate from. Chosen movies will also focus on themes that present unique facets of a culture and bridge connections among different cultures.

The Strategic Gaming Group

The Strategic Gaming Group exists to increase the awareness and practice of simulation games for the purposes of policy analysis and education. It hosts events dedicated to increasing awareness of the purpose and use of games in the professional world and life in general.


Francophones/Philes creates a space where students are encouraged to learn and practice the French language. This mission is driven by student-run educational activities and interactions that promote an appreciation of the French language and culture.

Doctoral Peer Membership Initiative

The Doctoral Peer Membership Initiative promotes greater cohesion among GSPIA's doctoral student body through community-building activities with the goal of facilitating quicker and easier acclimation of incoming doctoral students through peer-to-peer consultation and support.